10 movies banned in Hollywood arriving in French cinemas


These films subversive, forgotten force in the story, will be screened in theaters in French from the 1st of July.

The summer program of the cinema promises to be explosive : after the announcement of a retrospective devoted to Tarantino at the Grand Rexten films censored in Hollywood – which appeared only in a DVD collection in 2013 – will arrive on our screens. Established in 1930 by senator William Hays, president of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America (MPPDA), the Hays Code being regulated drastically the programming of hollywood movies from 1934 to 1968.

Written by a catholic publisher and a jesuit priest, the Code required the studios to censor themselves in the name of moral rigor. If the nudity was in the silent cinema, she disappears completely from the films of this period, as with any form of sexuality. It is the representation of crimes, relationships, adultery, and trafficking of narcotics or even of marriages between Blacks and Whites. Finally, large institutions like the Church, the judiciary or the police had to be – of course – shown in their best light.

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10 films pre-Code

Warner therefore decided to highlight a few masterpieces forgotten force by the history. Between the advent of the talking and the arrival of the Hays Code being, Hollywood has had a few years of freedom. The 10 films subversive, hated puritans us by the following address without complex sexuality, miscegenation or homosexuality. The villains or femmes fatales are incarnate.es including Mae West, Joan Crawford or Barbara Stanwyck. Offering visions of subversive, libertarian, social and feminist before the hour, the films of the retrospective will come out in cinemas from the 1st of July.

In the program :

Souls free Clarence Brown (1931)

The Angel white William A. Wellman (1931)

Baby Face Alfred E. Green (1933)

The Beautiful Saigon Victor Fleming (1932)

Crazy Blonde Roy Del Ruth (1931)

Employees Entrance Roy Del Ruth (1933)

Female Michael Curtiz (1933)

Red-Headed Woman Jack Conway (1932)

Jewel Robbery William Dieterle (1932)

The Mind Reader Roy Del Ruth (1933)

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