13 perfumes that smell great in the summer


Flower of Musk for Her by Narciso Rodriguez

How many variations can be composed on the same subject? Narciso Rodriguez contends it may be the answer. The creator has made the musk ingredient of the signature of its range For It since 2003. This time tap the note obsessive by the addition of arrangements of roses and pink pepper, and the partition is enriched with a base of wood, amber and patchouli. As a refrain, always the same bottle of clean glass, dress for the occasion with a tone support… pink, of course.

Eau de toilette floral Flower Musk for Her, Narciso Rodriguez, 157 $ 100 ml

Lemon Fruit from the Collection of Dolce&Gabbana

The generous sun of the south of Italy matured citrus fruits as delicious to the taste than the smell. The Sicilian lemon and bergamot from Calabria, opened brilliantly this ode to la dolce vita, replaced by a hint of ginger and then dip in the great woody vetiver. Lemon Dolce&Gabbana is part of a triptych, the Gathering of Fruits, the other two fruits that appear are the orange and the pineapple.

Eau de toilette Lemon Fruit Collection, Dolce&Gabbana, 225 $ 150 ml

cK One Summer by Calvin Klein

It may be that there is not the opportunity to go to breathe a breeze of this summer. But a couple of pschitts of this unisex fragrance will evoke the coasts energizing, thanks to the spiciness of mandarin, ginger and sea salt. After the departure of the tonic, is going to talk about a moment of sensuality with amber and sandalwood. The bottle, a blue lagoon can be decorated with stickers are very cute (palm trees, yacht…), history, to invent a deco to the extent of vacation.

Eau de toilette cK One Summer, Calvin Klein, $ 80 for each 100 ml
***Limited series

The Water Is So Sweet Daisy Love Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs brings us the dessert menu in its garden full of flowers and fruits. Its latest gourmandise is built around raspberry, white, bergamot and blackberry, beautifully adorned with petals of daisies, and musk sweet. To improve the charm, a bottle of a soft pink like cotton candy.

Water the Water in the toilet So Sweet Daisy Love, Marc Jacobs, 124 per 100 ml

Kate Fruits And Passion

Who is Kate? Several of the names of the celebrities that come to mind… we know that, in any case, that this woman loves the summer and the aroma of the most beautiful gifts of nature: the peony fragrant and watermelon is refreshing. Spicy ginger-stimulating (a trend in various fragrances current), the toilet water leaves in its wake notes of musk and sandalwood. Kate, already? Leave the mystery to soar.

The toilet water Kate, Fruits And Passion, 40 $ 50 ml

Love Osmanthus Workshop Cologne

The sweet fragrance of the flower of osmanthus of China only happen in the night. This treasure of the night is far from the dark, especially if it is associated with the Italian lemon ultrasolaire. These two ingredients, combined with the cedar wood, enter in the formulation of Love Osmanthus, a cologne absolute lightness, but, above all, a team comparable to that of a perfume. A successful challenge by the young French of the house of Atelier Cologne, which uses extracts of citrus aromas, concentrated to 15 % and the materials of natural origin.

Cologne absolute Love Osmanthus, Atelier Cologne, $ 195 for 100 ml

Sunkissed Hibiscus Nest

The bottle is spectacular in itself deserves a place in our closet for perfume: the interior is illustrated with two hibiscus ‘ Voodoo Queen, whose colors are reminiscent of the fires of a sunset. This condensed version of eden is redolent of frangipani, orange flower, coconut and golden amber. A one-way ticket to the beach, at the other end of the world.

Eau de parfum Sunkissed Hibiscus, Nest, 98 $ 50 ml

Dolce Brightness of Dolce&Gabbana

In Dolce&Gabbana, which was the sense of family and friendship. The two Italian designers rely since its debut in the unwavering support of Monica Bellucci, which has become over the years into a brand ambassador. Today, it is the turn of Deva, the daughter of the actress, and Vincent Cassel, to lend your beauty, perfume Dolce Brightness. The fragrance sets the appetite with its chords of sweet mango and grapefruit cake, and then evolves into a heart of jasmine, orange blossom and blonde woods, which never loses the sun from view. Charming detail: the cap of the bottle is inspired by the sculptures of marzipan, found in the sicilian pastries.

Perfume water Dolce Shine, Dolce&Gabbana, $ 145 for 75 ml

The nails of the shell of Serge Lutens

What a strange name for a fragrance! It must be said that the nose of Serge Lutens, a former artistic director of Christian Dior and Shiseido, takes place far from the beaten track. He prefers the tracks beyond the standards for its creations of niche, both in their names and in their compositions. The deep water of this new water promises a lot of freshness… it is very well communicated, thanks to the sharp attack of the orange peel, then veers off to the exotic spicy flavor of garlic and a cloud of nutmeg.

Eau de parfum nails to peel, Serge Lutens, $ 165 per 100 ml

Your London Dream Burberry

How to play the breeze on his face a dream, which portrays the british capital? London is a bustling city: why not lemon and fresh ginger to illustrate this overflow pip? But it is also a great romantic… and your heart is wrapped in petals of roses and peonies. The best English model Cara Delevingne – who else? – serves as our guide in this variant of the spicy smell of It.

Eau de parfum His London Dream, Burberry, $ 115 for 50 ml

cK Around the world of Calvin Klein

26 years ago, the arrival of cK One had been planted in the world of perfumery. Fragrance androgynous. Bottle minimalist as possible. Band of friends, nice, one of which was a fragile model noceuse and casual: Kate Moss. The nose of the fragrance cK One by Alberto Morillas, is a quarter of a century later with cK All over the world. The new distribution includes the orange, green tea, musk and cedar. In turn, the opus, mixed, played the charter of eco-responsibility. The essential oil of organic citrus, of alcohol, of natural origin. The packaging is made in part with recycled materials. Side the look, the coat of glass that has lost its finish, frosted, and shows a well transparent, cinched with an elasticated band for the brand name – a nod to the under garments that have made the fortune of Calvin Klein.

Eau de toilette cK the world, Calvin Klein$ 65-50 ml

IGO Nectar d’issey Issey Miyake

That said, the nectar is said to sugar, and is a fragrance of gourmet that serves us Issey Miyake. The start is voluptuous, with hints of pear, melon green and pink, and then the thing gets a bit complicated with the notes of an aerosol of the fragrance is aquatic are recurrent in Miyake. The end of amber and cashmere wood is soft and cosy. It is the resumption of the second shot immediately.

Eau de parfum IGO Nectar d’issey, Issey Miyake, 138 $ 80 ml

The Initial Guerlain

The history of the prestigious maison Guerlain is accompanied by a wave of success for almost 200 years. A luxury range, The Parisian, is a tribute to the greatest moments of the olfactory with the reissues that have been requested by the followers. The eighth to join this pantheon: The Initial, which is Shalimar Parfum Initial, lighter version of the sect’s Shalimar, created in 1925. The opening of citrus fruits and petals of jasmine, the heart, the opulent rose from Turkey and iris, and the ultimate gourmet vanilla-caramel mouse out of a cloud of faint musk and patchouli. The myth of the oriental floral is insured. A jewel for the collectors.

The water of the fragrance Initial, Guerlain, $ 340 125 ml


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