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The Fantastic Four that comes in the cinematic world of Marvel were inevitable. Iron Man and Captain America may be gone, but the franchise that they helped build shows no sign of slowing down. The sequels of Thor, Spider-man and Dr. Strange are in preparation, and the CEO of Disney, Bob Iger, has already confirmed the possible integration of the X-Men and the Fantastic Four for the subsequent phases of the MCU.

What has not yet been confirmed, is the casting.

The two previous attempts to launch a Fantastic Four in vivo are not particularly well finished, hitting the cinemas with the comments hot. So that could come in and play the role of the dysfunctional family, the favorite of Marvel? After Robert Downey Jr, all the Chrises and Scarlett Johanssen, is written in the stars that any decision to plan for the future of the franchise will be bright.

In the following list, let’s see who could play the Four holder and that could fill the role of villain the most evil: Doctor Doom, and are presented to the interior are THREE alternatives for each one. Some of the options that you can jump, and have a sense of moment; others may seem less obvious, but equally as impressive.

We all have something to give, whether it is the great talent of its ability of the actor, his chops in comedy, or his voice, or his appearance. In other words, if one of the following was to be released, this would not be a bad move.

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