30 pairs of celebrities that demonstrate that the history of love in Hollywood is possible


In June, E! celebrating 30 years in business! To celebrate, we look back on the moments of the most monumental pop culture.

There’s nothing like a love story of hollywood fairy tale.

In regards to pop culture, the fans can not resolve for more than a couple of famous couples. Either Blake Lively and Ryan Reynoldsjokes to play on social networks or Stephen Curry and Ayesha Currywin family moments, around the world of this famous duo, so you can not help but to the root.

But as E! the celebration of its 30th anniversary, there is no doubt that we have seen our fair share of breaks, summer adventures and all the rest.

For this occasion, we have decided to celebrate some of the many love stories of hollywood success that conquered the hearts of lovers of entertainment.

Although some of the relationships that have ended earlier than some expected, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears let’s get together and wear denim on denim?! – we can not ignore those who have done the work, even with the lights that shine on them throughout the year.

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