5 Proofs That Emma Watson (Beauty And The Beast) Is A Disney Princess In Real Life

It’s the weekend and you don’t know how to celebrate it? Go to Disney +. The competing streaming platform of Netflix has just put online the live-action film Beauty and the Beast carried by Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. An adaptation of the 1991 cartoon that is as beautiful as it is cheerful and reminds us of one thing: the ex-Harry Potter star is a perfect princess in real life. The proof.

Animal friend

This probably rules # 1 among Disney princesses: to hope to be seen that way, you have to be animal lovers. Cinderella spends her free time talking to mice and singing to birds, Ariel sails with fish, Pocahontas protects her land with a raccoon and Tiana tries to fish a frog. That’s good, Emma Watson is specialized in cats.

Don’t you believe us? We invite you to watch the video below and we challenge you not to say a single ” Hooooo “, ” Haaaaannn “, ” C’est trop mignooooon ” in front! Because yes, when Emma Watson is surrounded by kittens, the world stops turning in order to admire these beautiful friendships. If you needed more proof that cats have the best life …

Breathtaking dresses

Let’s not hide it, the Disney Princesses are regularly entitled to the coolest dresses in the whole universe. Okay, they are sometimes a bit abused in terms of size or color, but they are eye-catching every time. And clearly, Emma Watson knows how to do it at this level. To tell the truth, the word “dress” seems quite simply to have been invented for her as she wears them divinely well.

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Since the beginning of her career, the actress has always made her love of fashion speak and has surrounded herself with the biggest brands in order to give life to some memorable collaborations (pubs, red carpets, photoshoots …). As a result, she is logically and regularly cited in the rankings of the best-dressed women in the world and is found on the covers of the most cult newspapers or on posters that delight many rooms (raise your hand if you too have one). at your house).

It’s very simple, when Emma Watson turns her dress, our heads turn with her.

Emma Watson brings happiness to our eyes
Emma Watson brings happiness to our eyes
Emma Watson brings happiness to our eyes
Emma Watson brings happiness to our eyes
Emma Watson brings happiness to our eyes
Emma Watson brings happiness to our eyes
Emma Watson brings happiness to our eyes
Emma Watson brings happiness to our eyes
Emma Watson brings happiness to our eyes
Emma Watson brings happiness to our eyes

She makes people happy

The Disney Princesses have the gift of bringing joy and bringing happiness to those around them, whether by showing disinterestedness through some positive actions (Belle gives lessons to children) or by risking their lives to save a kingdom (Pocahontas, Vaiana …). A strong characteristic that fits Emma Watson perfectly.

At only 30 years old, the actress has already stood out for an impressive number of extremely important actions. In the program? While some waste hours looking for what to watch on Netflix or taking on challenges on Tiktok, Emma Watson has been named a goodwill ambassador by UN Women to remind people of the priority to be given to gender equality. ‘is interested in the development of education for young girls around the world, she opened a very special book club to share her knowledge and discoveries with her audience, and she even went so far as to put her career on hiatus in order to think about the best ways to act for the good of others.

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In short, if you look up the definition of the word “perfect” in the dictionary, you will find the name Emma Watson there. After that, we don’t say that you are bad compared to her, just … you are less well. It happens.

She sings so well

A Disney Princess who doesn’t sing, is she really a Disney Princess? No need to waste your time looking for the ideal answer, here it is: it’s NO. Good news, Emma Watson can sing. The proof is that she really gives voice in the film Beauty and the Beast, whether on Something ThereBelle or How Does a Moment Last Forever.

There you are going to tell us, ” Well yes it is logical, it is his character who sings “. Indeed, except that this is not always the case in the world of cinema. In fact, Rami Malek never imitated Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody, while Marion Cotillard did take singing lessons but actually did playback for La Môme, while Rebecca Ferguson was replaced by a participant from The Voice. on the song Never Enough in The Greatest Showman.

So yes, we can say it, Emma Watson has absolutely ALL the talents possible and imaginable. In particular that of making us fall in love with a simple look …

A true feminist

If the Disney Princesses often find themselves at the center of a love story, they are also the first to emancipate themselves in order to lead the life they dream of and remind the world that no one has a say in controlling their life. We remember, Belle sends Gaston waltz several times, Mérida rebels against the patriarchy which prevents her from living her life and Elsa proves to us that a man is clearly not the solution to all problems.

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A credo totally shared by Emma Watson. In addition to campaigning for gender equality and women’s rights around the world (notably through the HeForShe campaign), the actress is the first to extol the benefits of celibacy. Of course, Emma Watson is not against romantic relationships (yes, on a misunderstanding, there is always a chance!), But she likes to remind people of the importance of learning to develop and achieve on your own, and not be ashamed of being single. Besides, forget this word, place the concept of ” self-partnered “. And it’s much prettier, like everything Emma Watson touches. Have you ever been told she’s perfect?


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