6ix9ine unveils the latest DM poignant with XXXTentacion ! (Photo)


This may not be the greatest rapper of all time, but it is without doubt the one which operates the best media in the new millennium. There are still a few months, 6ix9ine was locked up in jail for acts he obviously committed, confessed, and regretted it. Then he comes out of the hole, dangling all of his partners in crime and citing medical reasons for a strand being pulled by the hair.

With its status of balance, it is just the Rap Game that have banded together against him. Snoop Dogg in person, the founder of Rap, from its beginnings with Death Row, it takes balance. Its reputation as a” Snitch “come to France, since the Weasel him autograph a verse from the murderer in his title” Colorful“.

However, its latest releases, the level of all scores, 6ix9ine is quite to the point. With” Trollz “in featuring with Nicki Minaj or even” Yaya “it explodes all the scores as if the case had never existed. Of course, the big hullabaloo in the media wasted little of the dirty business as they are controversial.

Lately, it has broadcast live the final messages sent to him by a certain XXX Tentacion. In his last DMthis rapper subversive, who died there a little, gives him some advice on his release from prison. Here are the translations of these :

When you get out, do it with more intelligence, be more patient and more relaxed “before adding” Be careful ok ? Never give your guard “.

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It Tekashi about his security, saying that having one does not make you a girl, but you an intelligent man, because today, X would still be alive if he had one.


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