A player of Minecraft built a model of the Earth in actual size


If you’ve ever imagined what it would be like to travel the planet Earth in Minecraft, now is your chance. The Youtuber PippenFTS managed to create a replica of the world at scale 1:1this being the first time that something is accomplished and in the game.

This feat was possible thanks to two mods, Terra 1-to-1, and Cubic Chunks. According to Pippen FTS, Minecraft usually has a height limit of 255 metres, which means that to make a patio at the level of the Earth would be impossible. However, with Cubic Chunks “you can change the shapes of the pieces of terrain to a cube of 16x16x16, which gives you infinite depth to build”.

“With the mod Cubic Chunks you can break the limitations of Minecraft, and you can have the experience of the Earth in Minecraft, as well as it is, without reducing the scale,” said the Youtuber. After breaking the barriers, PippenFTS applied the mod Terra 1-to-1, which takes information from files geographic, such as Google Maps, and turns them into blocks of land in Minecraft.

In the video explanatory that rose PippensFTS, shows locations such as Antarctica, the Grand Canyon, mount Everest, in addition to other extraordinary natural locations. However, the problem comes when it refers to structures created by humans. As the mod Terra 1-to-1 takes data from files and uses them to create landscapes, things like the pyramids of Egypt look like a pile of dirt.

In the same way as this model is not curvedbecause it is done in Minecraft, you have other problems such as mountain peaks without snow, the glaciers are only a smooth floor of white and the South Pole is only a barren wilderness of white.

To solve this, PippenFTS he started a collective project called “Build The Earth”to get other players in Minecraft to decorate the Land with human structures and create edges for the “shores” of the world. The Youtuber expects other players to download the mods and start building in specific areas on a scale of 1:1, and that all the people together to play using maps.

PippensFTS created a server of Discord, to coordinate with all those who want to participate by emulating and building historic structures.

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