According to Kate del Castillo, Luis García kicked her and tried to strangle her


The actress says that after doing that, the former footballer then on his knees asked her forgiveness crying.

Kate del Castillo reveals the episodes of violence that she lived alongside Luis García, who came to kick her and try to strangle her and then on her knees crying for forgiveness.

The actress spoke of the stormy marriage she had with the former footballer on the Facebook show ‘Red Table Talk: The Estefans’: “I was very much in love, and I really tried to make everything work. That man broke me. I thought I had strong self-esteem, I was an actress, I lived happily with my parents, and suddenly he destroyed me in all possible ways, even at my job, he told me that I was a terrible actress and to take classes ”.

Kate said that Garcia had her threatened, locked in her house without letting her go out or even to work, suffering cruel episodes of physical and psychological violence. Later he repented and asked her forgiveness crying, asking her to help him.

The wedding between Kate and Luis García was held in 2001, signing the divorce in 2004. In 2009 the actress married Aarón Díaz, whom she said she highly esteemed, but was never in love with him.