Actress Tanya Roberts is still alive but her condition is terrible

The former Bond Girl and former That ’70s Show star had been presumed dead at first reports.

Actress Tanya Roberts, who was reported to have passed away aged 65 after collapsing in her own home on December 24 after returning from walking her dog, is still alive.

Mike Pingel, the representative of the actress, assured that Roberts is still alive, but that he remains in the intensive care unit of a hospital and that his condition is “terrible”.

Lance O’Brien, the actress’s husband, was the one who gave the notice that Tanya had died, however, the hospital made a later call to report that she was still alive.

The large hospital burden in California hospitals, due to Covid-19, could have been the cause of the misinformation, since the intensive care area of ​​Cedar Sinai Medical Center, where the actress was taken, was crowded at that moment.

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