Adam Sandler, the star of Netflix in 5 films


Subscribers of the streaming platform, will not have escaped : the comic american occupies a prominent place in his catalog. Zoom in on a collaboration burlesque prolific.

A new comedy has burst onto Netflix in the last week. Schoolboy humor, situations absurd, David Spade… No doubt, The Wrong Missy has everything a movie of Adam Sandler ! And actually, if the actor does not appear itself to the casting, it is well behind this new original title.

It is that most of these comedians who have been entitled to a one-man show, sponsored by the platform — his being entitled 100% Freshfor the curious — the one that is made known through the Saturday Night Live occupies a prominent place in his catalogue of cinema. For good reason : Adam Sandler and his production company Happy Madison Productions signed an exclusive agreement with Netflix in 2014. Since then, it has already been renewed twice, as long the films of the actor to attract the general public.

A true success story

Thus, in January last, when the giant of the streaming has announced the extension of their successful collaboration, Adam Sandler has not failed to point out that Murder Mysterywhere he gives a reply to Jennifer Aniston, was neither more nor less than the most popular program on the platform in the United States in the past year.

Needless to say that 2020 looks like a good year for the actor on Netflix. He who first made the unanimity of the critics (and this is rare) in the famous Uncut Gems the brothers Safdie released in January. He who is thus found again in the Top 10 programmes watched on the platform currently, although in his capacity as a producer on The Wrong Missy. He who, decidedly inexhaustible, will be at the poster for a new comedy entitled Hubie Halloweenat the side of another one of his great friends, Kevin James, by the end of the year…

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In the meantime, for all the fans of the genre, we suggest you (re)discover the five comedies that Adam Sandler has not only produced, but also brought in as a headliner, in the name of Netflix. Of burlesque pure juice, romance, action, thriller, western-there’s something for everyone !

Murder Mystery

THE big hit of the year 2019 on Netflix, according to Netflix. We want to believe it, when we see the poster of the film : after having already done the pair at the cinema in The MythoAdam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston present the cover for a new comedy to the genuine air of polar, Murder Mystery. They embody this time of a married couple, travelling in Europe in the framework of a honeymoon that is made to wait. After you have accepted a (curious) invitation to board the luxurious yacht of a billionaire, their stay takes an unexpected turn when he is murdered. Among the other passengers, that is, of course, considered to be the main suspects…

Wedding on Long Island

In 2018, it is at the side of another legend Saturday Night Live that Adam Sandler is coming to Netflix. Him and Chris Rock slip into the skin of two fathers of families, that all objects, but must endeavour to agree, at least the time of the marriage of their children. Then that one (coming from a modest background) makes every effort to impress the other (full-as), and that the other members of their respective families are added gradually to the part, they will live a week full of twists and turns at the approach of the ceremony !

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Sandy Wexler

Play losersAdam Sandler knows how to do. In this comedy, produced for the streaming platform, in 2017, he puts on the glasses with XXL and took a look more silly than ever to embody Sandy Wexler, an agent from hollywood certainly dedicated but not quite successful. But his luck finally turn when he discovers, in a children’s show, a young singer (Jennifer Hudson) is packed full of talent…

The Do-Over

In 2016, Adam Sandler co-starred with one of his famous acolytes, David Spade, for a comedy action completely crossed out on Netflix. The Do-Overit is the story of two old friends from childhood who find themselves in a school reunion, and realize most importantly that life is far from that to which they aspired. After a holiday crazy together to decompress, they make believe to their demise in order to start again under another name. The perfect plan. If not, is that their new identities are those of former criminals…

Ridiculous 6

Definitely inspired by all genres of music, Adam Sandler has signed for her first film in collaboration with the streaming platform, an authentic western. Sets, costumes, vast landscapes of the american West… it’s All there. A good dose of comedy in addition. Go on a captivating adventure with “Ridiculous 6“six half-brothers who do not resemble each other but unite to try to save their father.

You can find all these comedies that are original, among many other movies with Adam Sandler on Netflix, which is available for your box SFR.

Sources : Netflix, Variety

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