Agathe Auproux draws a “sad observation” of the romantic relationship in 2021!

In Story from her Instagram account, the beautiful Agathe Auproux made a sad observation of the romantic relationship in 2021 according to her followers!

On social media, Agathe Auproux often launches topics that are close to her heart. On the occasion of the release of the documentary Generation Brut, she wanted to make a statement of the relationship in love in 2021.

And the least we can say is that this observation is not joyful. Agathe Auproux asked her fans: “What is your definition of the relationship in 2021?”

A fan replied: “I have the old-fashioned definition. It is a society that has changed. Not the def of love.” Agathe Auproux said: “Exactly. Hence the question. The love relationship, IN 2021.

She added: “We’re not talking about the relationship that’s been going on for 10 years. We’re trying to talk about the one that’s trying to create itself today. How have changes in society affected the romantic relationship? ».

Other subscribers provided their answers to the question. Opinions still seem unanimous: finding love during this period is something almost “impossible”.

Fans told the pretty brunette: “Two parallel lives but together. Everyone makes their own life with their choices. Our individuality before an ‘us’.

Others also added to Agathe Auproux: “Nothing! Attachment is useless. “It’s more love but attachment today. Can’t create anything”.


Some confessed to Agathe Auproux: “An ideal difficult to achieve despite all the means available.”, “Not enough room to say what I think. The new culture of ‘I throw instead of repair’ tires me out.”

“Society has made love complicated. It’s hard to “fit in.” So it’s crush now. “We are in a society of appearing. So people are looking for someone who will make them look better.”

But also: “Too difficult. Tinder and company suggest ‘there’s better elsewhere’. “I feel like it’s easy to give up on the trials to be gone through together.”

Agathe Auproux replied: “It’s not easy to fall in love in 2021 (…) The people of my single generation in 2021, all express this disillusioned vision.”

The young woman added: “Your answers are a sad statement. But so right.” For her part, the journalist found love. If she stays discreet about her private life, she occasionally shares photos of her baby.

The latter would live in Monaco. City in which Agatha Auproux travels quite often. A few weeks ago, she revealed a quick glimpse of her baby on social media.

For her part, it would seem that she is no longer a heart to take. On the other hand, most of her fans can’t say the same to their great displeasure.

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