Agathe Auproux fan of the old clips of Justin Bieber !


Agathe Auproux is looking back at adolescence with Justin Bieber. The young woman looks at his clips of the time and it has changed !

Agathe Auproux swim in full happiness in Monaco ! With his family, she is sharing so good moments after its confinement in the Hollow. Yesterday, she replongeait in the old clips of Justin Bieber.

We recall them, it was about ten years old. The famous singer mécheux we was on crack with his single” Baby“. It was the time the hoody and the hair in front of the eyes. But it was all for his style !

It’s strange, it must be confessed, to review their clips on tv. Agathe Auproux falls on a” special Justin Bieber “on NRJ hits. Like what, Justin Bieber is not too old-fashioned ! We love being able to go back in time !

The young woman is totally a fan, she then asked her fans if they prefer Justin Bieber in the clip or now. And apparently at 61%, his community, the prefer when even now !

Agathe Auproux remade all the old clips of Justin Bieber !

Agathe Auproux remade all the old clips of Justin Bieber !

Agathe Auproux takes advantage of the South

Despite the weather is not very favorable, Agathe Auproux runs of happy days. Between its moments NRJ with Justin Bieber and his walks along the sea, everything goes well for her ! Apart from some problems with mosquitoes…

She is recovering even to go jogging. The young woman sharing its running time and this is not so bad ! In 30min she then maintains a 10km/h, nice performance ! In short, Agathe is very good and does not get bored.

All the days she may come out to have a great view, and that the young woman loves. Yesterday, she was even going in an art exhibition, a first for months. What better way to brighten a day ?

In short, Agathe Auproux shares with us his life of déconfinée and makes us smile. We are waiting for the result of his adventures. In any case, the clips of Justin Bieber make it nostalgic of the years 2010 ! Who would have thought ?