Amanda Cerny Does This at the Pool: Attention to What You See!

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Sometimes a profession demands sacrifices that only some are willing to pay. Amanda Cerny wants to prove that her clothes don’t hurt to do anything to keep talking about her, even if she has to make merits at the edge of a pool.

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Cerny 2020 ? 🌈❤️

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Amada knows that she likes it, she knows that her relationship with humor and with the way to make her unconditional laughs is assured despite the new batches of online humorists who threaten to shade those who carry more in this and that Sommer Ray is one of them and her closest friend!

That is why she looks for new ways to give all that is expected of her … would anyone else have thought of going to contortionism to achieve it? With a difficult posture and about to fall into the pool?

Surely only an idea as pilgrim as this one has crossed her mind …

Amanda makes the bridge pine as easily as she did when she was many years younger . She looks comfortable, not at all suffering the ravages of the position.

Does anyone else think that the humorist has no bones in the body? Or is that due to all your gym hours?

Surely their sports routines have a lot to do with their flexibility and their desire that we are talking as we are doing now are superior to the cramps and tremors that we imagine in the rest of the bodies, although apparently not in yours.

Do you notice an invitation in your eyes or are we seeing it backward?

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Fashion. Not functional.

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The same is challenging us to see how many of us dare to do the same as her. And if we succeed, let’s see how long we will hold in the same position. In the end, we will have to prove her right and tell her that only she can and that we better look at her.


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