Amber Heard dropped by the detective she had hired to bring down Johnny Depp


New revelations surrounding the legal battle between Amber Heard to Johnny Depp.

All shots are allowed in the war between Johnny Depp to Amber Heard. While the comedian 56-year-old has managed to collect numerous testimonies in his favour to prove that he is not a violent man, as the claims for four years his ex-wife (which has been accused of violence psychological and verbal by his former assistant), it is learned today that the actress of 33 years was engaged some time ago a private detective to try to dig into the past of Johnny Depp in order to find a “kompromat”, a folder compromising that may affect it.

The detective in question, a man called Paul Barresi, has itself entrusted to the “Daily Mail“in an article published this Wednesday, April 1, 2020, explaining that Amber Heard and his team had approached him last summer to find people able to bear witness to the violence presumed to be Johnny Depp. In vain, ” says Paul Barresi, who interviewed more than one hundred people who attended or worked with Johnny Depp in the last thirty years. The man has travelled several places in the United States to Europe, without finding the slightest testimony discrediting on the american star. Better : all of the respondents have only compliments to make about Johnny Depp, calling him in every time of man’s “sweet” and “generous”.

“They couldn’t say enough about his generosity and his heart is tender”

“The lawyers of Amber contacted me, saying that I was the man they needed for the job, this is how I started. It was emotional and tormented, it was a relationship unstable. I looked in the United States, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, where Johnny Depp has wandered, wherever he walked, I could not find a single witness of violence against a woman, it is each time described as an angel. No one has made the slightest reproach. I’ve interviewed dozens and dozens of people who knew from as far back as three decades, and not a single bad thing about him emerged. In fact, they could not say enough about his generosity and his soft heart,” said Paul Barresi. It shows, however, critical of some associated with Johnny Depp who tried to intimidate him when he was investigating, claiming that the comedian was sometimes not accompanied, and that some people of his entourage are just as “unstable” as Amber Heard. “They are loyal but I’m not convinced that they are his true friends”, he added.

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After these statements, a spokesperson Amber Heard has not been slow to respond. “Mr Barresi has not been involved in the team of Ms. Heard since that he has been dismissed in the last year, and its narrative is completely inconsistent with the testimony of several witnesses”, a-t be stated without more details.

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