Amber heard ready to go to bed in order to catch Johnny Depp ? This new testimony is irrefutable that might play in favor of the actor


The testimonies are linked together ! After accusing Amber heard three with Cara Delevingne and Elon Musk during their marriage, Johnny Depp says that his ex-wife had lied about the injuries he would have inflicted. Consulted by the needs of the case, Trinidad Esparza has made a statement of overwhelming. The head of the department of the Eastern area of Columbia, the old building where lived the couple, said that the fingerprints on the neck of the actress appeared as two weeks after the actor has allegedly launched a telephone figure. She also explained that she saw a mark on the left side of the face of the star of the film Aquamanwhile the second had said the opposite in your complaint.

Johnny Depp and Amber heard
Johnny Depp and Amber heard

According To Trinity Esparza, Amber Heard it would have been really hurt to drop your keys in the cage ascendeur. It has been argued also that Johnny Depp wasn’t even in the country when the actress has been abused. Adam Waldman, the lawyer of the actor, has said the Daily Mirror : “It turns out that Amber heard has been hit in June of 2016. There was a trail of fingers on the neck, the arm bandaged, and an eye injury. The only person who is not guilty is Johnny Depp, because he was on tour overseas for the past two weeks.” The allegations are disturbing and may well play in favor of the actor. Case to follow. And for even more information, find out why Amber heard has been abandoned by his lawyers in his battle against Johnny Depp.

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