Amber heard was out of business, according to the lawyers of Johnny Depp


Amber heard has had “marital relations” with Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, and the actor James Franco, the lawyers of her ex-husband Johnny Depp had claimed before the court yesterday.

Depp is waiting for a decision on the issue of whether his complaint against the defamation The sun the allegations that he was violent towards heard island will be held next week.

The actor, 57, filed a lawsuit against the editor of the tabloid News of the Newspaper and its editor-in-chief of the Dan Wootton to an article from April 2018, the so called ” wife beating “.

The sunYesterday, the legal team tried one last time to zero by the application of Depp, arguing that he had violated a court order by not providing what has been called the “australian legislation on drugs” between Depp and his assistant, Nathan Holmes.

David Sherborne, representing Depp, has also requested “all communications” between the Ear and a contact saved in his phone under the name ” Rocketman “, which, according to Depp, is Elon Musk, and between her and the actor James Franco.

Mr Sherborne told the court that the Ear has a link with each one of the two men, while she was dating Depp or was married to Depp.

David Price of quality control, which represent the Ear, has opposed the demand of the disclosure.


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