Anastasiya Kvitko Shows Her New Look in This Photo From Behind!

Anastasiya Kvitko | Instagram

Anastasiya Kvitko has endorsed the maxim of ‘adapting or dying’. That’s why she innovates, tries new combinations and asks her followers for an opinion in case she doesn’t like it. Although there are things in it, such as exposing the lower part of your back, which have no signs of ever-changing.

The Russian businesswoman is known – among many other things – for the length of her hair. A fine and blond hair with the length that curiously ends where another bigger thing begins, thus alternating the curvy all its benefits, without any hiding the other.

Is it obvious what change the model has chosen or are we lost in other things?

The hair, Anastasiya has changed the style of her hairstyle, from the straight style to which she is accustomed to the waves and curls with which she tries to modify her appearance – not at all radical and following the same style – her look.

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And as one who does not want the thing and for not asking directly for the opinion of her new hairstyle, the mannequin asks about her jacket.

“Do you like my new jacket?” Naive question, as if the first thing we had noticed was in a denim jacket that is out of place, that has slipped out of her shoulders unintentionally … or more well wanting!

We must admit the effort of Kvitko to turn her image and make her fans participate in it, although the type of the model and for what is known worldwide remains in the same line. And if it changes it will be to talk about more.

Although you can always use a new style, curly hair or a change of hairstyle to republish photos.

Is it a Kvitko strategy or is she really convinced that it looks like another with a new hairstyle?

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