And if Vin Diesel’s arrived (finally) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe ?


In recent years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Disney have long ago made the choice to avoid the well-known actors to embody the super-hero. Without insult, we can say that the career of Robert Downey Kr, Chris Evans or Chris Hemsworth has seen an explosion thanks to Marvel and not the other way around. The film Eternal is going to represent a real change in this level, with Angelina Jolie, Kit Harington, or Salma Hayek, who already represent faces clearly identified. But, while Dwayne Johnson flirts regularly with Marvel, it is not the only one. Is Vin Diesel, who continues to dream of a role of super-hero, while he already provides the voice-acting of Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Vin Diesel, the missed opportunity

A couple of years ago, was strongly tipped to play the role of Black Bolt in a movie about the Inhumans. Finally, the project consisted in a series, becoming a failure of monumental, without a doubt, the most sensational of the era Marvel. After eight episodes, the series has been cancelled, and it seemed that we were going to listen to more.

But rumors are now circulating in Hollywood for a return of the Inhumans, in the form of a reboot. This would be possible without too many problems, since Marvel is considered that the majority of the series that have been made in the past does not belong to the “canon” for the expanded universe of the MCU. In the past, the actor had tried to launch a social media campaign to encourage Marvel to give him the role. When the choice was made to reject the program in the series, he had not hesitated to speak of a ” big mistake “.

I really think this would be a great mistake on the part of Marvel to abandon its ambitions for feature-length films, this is a world in itself, a particularly cool addition.

The failure of the series could have given the reason… Anecdote quite funny, the character of Black Bolt can’t speak, as his voice is a weapon. What we will offer yet another very special role after several films to repeat ” Groot “…



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