Anette Michel suffered the uncertainty of losing her job


The program led by Michel, Master Chef, was about to be canceled due to the health crisis.

Anette Michel is very happy to be at the helm of Master Chef again, after the uncertainty about the possible cancellation of the successful program, and the possibility of losing her job.

“This year was really atypical, there was uncertainty about whether the MasterChef 2020 program was going to take place, we had the doubt if we were going to have the program this season. The truth is that normally in June we are already recording, but this time we were seeing if it was going to be done or not, “Anette told Grupo Cantón.

And as in all projects, the pandemic upset everything as many productions were canceled. The actress and host added: “It is a program where we work in a forum with many people, so there are many challenges, it was not going to be able to travel, and that is an important part of reality. Going to visit the different states, trying the endemic products, the gastronomy is part of the show ”.

Anette Michel confirmed that despite the health situation in Mexico, TV Azteca gave the green light to this new season of MasterChef, which will begin on October 30: “We have a job and that is appreciated,” he said.

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