Angelina Jolie bought a house next to that of her ex Brad Pitt!

Angelina Jolie doesn’t seem ready to let Brad Pitt down… The actress and realize would do anything to live near her ex-husband!

So it wouldn’t have moved on… Indeed, Angelina Jolie seems to want to live close to her ex, Brad Pitt. Shiloh’s mother reportedly even bought a house close to that of the Fight Club actor. Why on earth does she want to be as close to him as possible?

Brad Pitt has been involved in divorce proceedings with his wife, Angelina Jolie, for several years now. This, while both parents were t 6 children under the arms.

Lately, things seemed a little calmer than at the beginning. She was known to be at war with her ex-husband, determined to “make her life a living hell”.

At least that’s what a source close to the couple said in the tabloids last year. So what about the relationship between the two ex-husbands, who started their romance on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith?

Recently, Lara Croft’s interpreter in Tomb Raider spoke candidly about her daily life. She had already spoken about her children and her role as a mother.

Angelina Jolie recounted her family life and how she saw her divorce from Brad Pitt. A vibrant testimony that puts into perspective his union with Brad.


“I split up for the sake of my family,” she told Vogue India earlier. “It was the right decision. I continue to focus on healing.”

Healing that takes time, after all, when he is lent a rivalry with another ex of Brad Pitt: Jennifer Aniston. Don’t let that hold you back.

Especially since she and her children “read lies about them in the media, but I remind them that they know their own truth and that they are at the bottom.”

Regarding her separation, Jolie readily admits that this is not the best period of her life. But she’s working to make things better.

This does not prevent her from buying a house five minutes from her ex-husband’s house. If this is convenient for children who come and go to each other, is it wise for the actress in search of a cure?

“I would be happy to live abroad and I will do so when my children are 18. For now, I have to settle where their father decides to live.”

Angelina Jolie takes it upon herself so that things are not worse than they should be. This is not yet another attempt to win back, but a way for her to do the best for the children.

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