Angelina Jolie confides in her difficult confinement with her children!

Would actress Angelina Jolie have trouble managing her six children at home? We’ll give you more details.

Angelina Jolie returns to her confinement with her 6 children!

The ongoing health crisis has nailed us all at home. And celebrities were not spared.

Angelina Jolie found herself confined to her home. But the young woman was not alone.

Indeed, she spent her confinement with her 6 children. Maddox, 19, Pax, 17, and Zahara, 16.

Not to mention Shiloh, 14, and 12-year-old twins Vivienne and Know! The young woman confided in her confinement during an interview for British Vogue.

At 45, the pretty brunette explains that the quarantine was not easy. Indeed, she admits at first that she is not used to staying at home.

Mother of 6, Angelina Jolie admits that she is not very good at it. Indeed, she did not imagine living a period like this with her children.

“I’m not a traditional stay-at-home mother.” explains the young woman. She says her children help her a lot. Thus, the pretty actress was able to count on the support of her children.

It must be said that caring for 6 teenagers in a period of health crisis should not be very easy. She explained that the small family had begun the confinement in a rather special state of mind.

She explained that Zahara had had surgery sometime before. So the family was grateful that the girl was okay.


Thus, this period of confinement was not easy for the young woman. Jolie explained that she had to take care of her 6 children.

And the young teenagers were going through the trials of life on their own. She says that Pax was the title of not being able to live her senior year like other young people.

We know that the studies have not been easy to follow this year. Jolie also says Zahara passed her driver’s license.

The instructor was dressed in a head-to-toe suit and a mask. What is still quite special as a situation.

Fortunately, the young woman admits that there were also birthdays to celebrate. And despite the situation, it’s probably one of the few moments of happiness that we were able to enjoy.

Finally, for all her trials, Angelina Jolie tries to see the bright side. It, therefore, remains very confident and positive for the future.

In fact, for the moment, the young woman is enjoying all her children to the fullest. You should know that with Brad Pitt, the two ex-husbands are still fighting for custody of their 6 children. Case to follow.

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