Angelina Jolie hurts Brad Pitt by selling his Churchill painting?

She is said to be willing to do anything to achieve her goals… Angelina Jolie would then want revenge on her ex Brad Pitt by selling a painting!

The new story between Brad Pitt and his future ex-wife, Angelina Jolie. As the couple finalizes their divorce, new elements overwhelm the beautiful actress. She would then want revenge on the actor known for his role in Fight Club. Enough to blacken the picture of Maleficent!

Recent rumors reveal a dark story about the Brangelina couple. Angelina Jolie, the sublime actress would then have decided to make Brad’s life a real hell.

And it all starts with a painting that belonged to the couple. A painting that honors Winston Churchill, the famous politician who once led the United Kingdom…

Everything suggests that this painting is at the heart of a new drama in the couple. Jennifer Aniston’s ex may well be after his ex-wife and the mother of her children.

Far behind them the time of Mr. and Mrs. Smith when the two spouses had met. Now, both seem to be fighting a cold war…

Lara Croft’s interpreter would then like to make her husband suffer a little by selling a painting of Churchill. The painting that Brad would have given him when they were still together.


This painting, therefore, has sentimental value or rather had sentimental value for Brad Pitt’s ex-wife. Anyway, she seems to want to get rid of it for reasons of hers.

Some believe that Angelina Jolie is just trying to annoy the father of her children. Or at least get rid of some of his love story and turn the page, not without noise.

“Angie committed an absolute murder,” a source told Star Magazine. “His sale of the painting hurt Brad. Even though it was a gift to her, he cherished it.”

“They have little respect for each other,” the source continued. “Brad has always been obsessed with art. Angie loved paintings but was not in love with them.” Proof that they are no longer on the same wavelength.

Of course, the idea that Angelina Jolie did it to get back at Brad Pitt is pure speculation. She would of course have sold the painting but for other reasons, perhaps financial who knows.

However, there is no denying that there is water in the gas, despite the fact that they both inaugurated last year rosé champagne of their own. Relationships are not so chaotic.

However, both seem to want sole custody of the children. However, they will have to put water in their wine if they want things to go best for Shiloh and her siblings.

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