Angelina Jolie is having a hard time managing her role as a mother!

Mother’s life is a full-time job, in itself. Actress and director Angelina Jolie have opened up about her doubts about her role.

Some mothers will tell you bluntly: being a mom is a profession of passion. Of course, it also arrives with its ups and downs, its blues hits, and moments of doubt. This is something to which Angelina Jolie, mother of a family, does not escape her either.

Angelina Jolie has beautiful children, after all! Since the early 2000s, she has started to make it known that she wants to start a family.

Even before she met Brad Pitt, she adopted her first child, Maddox. Today, she has a lot of brothers and sisters.

After multiple adoptions, alongside her then-husband, Lara Croft’s interpreter finally conceived two children herself. Today, she takes care of 6 children, all teenagers.

Earlier, we told you that Angelina Jolie was very patient with her children. However, she admits by her own admission that she is struggling to manage her role as a mother.

When you become a mom, there is no perfect parent’s guide to coming with it. Life would be so much simpler with such work.


In any case, education is done over the water, and we often find ourselves overwhelmed by events. Angelina Jolie does not play exemplary mothers and remains true to herself.

Like any parent, she too faces adversity and with gusto. She is not trying to show a false image of herself, on the contrary.

This is what she admitted to Vogue Magazine, in an arousing interview. “I feel like I’m missing all the skills to be a traditional stay-at-home mom,” she said.

It must be said that before confinement, she had to manage her career as an actress and director. While juggling her role as a full-time mom, of course.

“I do it because the children are quite resilient, and they help me on a daily basis, but I’m not at all gifted.” Thus, she speaks candidly about her lack of self-confidence in this field.

Which does not prevent her from loving her children with unconditional love. The confinement brought this family somewhat closer together, despite the separation of the parents.

With this testimony, Angelina Jolie also seeks to make us understand something. There is no perfect mother. Far from it!

“We parents hope to be able to do everything right,” she told Time. “It’s a beautiful thing to find out that your kids don’t want you to be perfect.”

Mass is said: “do your best” and not as others would like you to be. “They just want you to be honest.” In any case, it’s a nice message from the actress.

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