Angelina Jolie looking forward to being 50 “I love being older”!

Actress Angelina Jolie talks about her age and admits to being very happy to be 50 soon. And the reason is surprising.

Angelina Jolie will soon turn 50 and she is delighted.

It’s been 5 years since Hollywood’s hippest couple split up. After a tense divorce, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt live on their own.

And the decision of alternating custody of their children was very complicated to share. But the couple is now happier than ever.

Indeed, Angelina Jolie even confided that her 6 children help her to remain humble. And that they are doing everything they can to reunite their families.

Since then the actress is radiant. The pretty brunette is a series of roles for upcoming blockbusters like Eternals from Marvel Studios.

In recent years, the actress was only featured in the Disney Maleficentsaga. Because she wants to devote herself to her family.

Indeed, Angelina Jolie confided in an interview with the British magazine Vogue. And she says she can’t wait to turn 50.

She’s one of the few women who want to grow old. She says: “I like to get older. I feel better in my 40s than when I was younger. »

She continued: “I don’t know why. Maybe because my mother did not live long. Getting older seems to me like a victory rather than sadness. »

That’s why Angelina Jolie is not afraid to grow old. And we understand it.

The actress is the role model of many women in the world. For her beauty and courage.


And if Angelina Jolie feels so good in her forties, it’s thanks to her children. The actress is very grateful to have them in her life.

She told Vogue: “We were on the trampoline the other day. And one of my children told me that I shouldn’t do it because I could hurt myself.

Jolie explains at the time: “I was an actress who starred in action films. And now my kids are telling me to get off the trampoline because I could hurt myself? ».

The lead actress of Maleficent has loved a lot over the last 5 years. Her work has transformed her and her next roles will be decisive for her career.

That’s why she’s really looking forward to being out in 5 years. Especially with regard to his upcoming film Eternals.

The mother of the family will play the role of Thena, a very powerful immortal warrior. “Running around in a gold jumpsuit wasn’t at all like I imagined my 40th birthday,” she said.

But the pretty brunette is very happy with her new life. Because the last few years have been quite trying.

Between her divorce and her operations to avoid the risk of breast cancer, the star has seen all the colors.

If her ex-husband has turned the page and found love again, the actress has no one in her life. She prefers to focus on her family and career.

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