Angelina Jolie: rare images of her villa revealed on the Web!

For several years, Angelina Jolie has been living in a sublime villa in L.A. For “Vogue”, the star has agreed to open the doors of her home!

Because of the pandemic, Angelina Jolie lives cloistered with her 6 children in a villa nestled in the chic neighborhood of Los Feliz. Exclusively for Vogue, the actress has given access to the vast area in which she resides.

We’re not introducing Angelina Jolie anymore! A must-see in Hollywood, the actress has often delighted her audience with her multiple film projects.

Philanthropist and committed, she does not hesitate to use her notoriety to defend the causes dear to her. Before the pandemic, the actress was happy to fly to the four corners of the world as an ambassador for the United Nations.

But in recent months, Angelina Jolie has had to put her foot up! As a precaution and because of sanitary measures, some of her trips had to be canceled.

In parallel to all this, she also had to manage her separation from Brad Pitt… Not without pain! Although Jennifer Aniston’s ex has agreed to make some concessions, she would no longer bear some of the star’s demands.

According to US Weekly, George Clooney’s BFF still managed to celebrate the holiday season with three of her children (Editor’s note: Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox).

If Brad Pitt is discreet in the media, Angelina Jolie is just as discreet! Her public appearances are counted on the fingers of one hand, and her interviews are all hand-picked.

Reclusive in a sublime house in Laughlin Park in Los Feliz, she has nevertheless agreed to welcome the journalists of “Vogue” to give them a rare interview!


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As usual, Angelina Jolie put everyone in agreement thanks to her elegance and presence. The shooting of the star directed by “Vogue” in her vast field has also made its small effect on the Web.

Thanks to a teasing, fans of the actress were also able to discover the place where she has taken up residence since 2017. Unsurprisingly, Jon Voight’s daughter lives in a dream setting.

“Charming,”reads the Web. “What a life! It’s deserved for her to enjoy it with her children.”

Surrounded by her dogs, the star enjoyed playing the guides. In her pretty neo-Italian-style house from 1913, Angelina Jolie seems to have found a balance with her small tribe.

They also have a huge swimming pool and stunning views of L.A. All the rooms in their house are huge and tastefully decorated!

In addition, Brad Pitt’s house is also a short walk from their home! “I wanted them (his children) to be close to their father who lives only five minutes away,” Jolie said. I felt a little pressure when I moved here.”

But also: “What I like most is the fact that there is no entertainment room but lots of trails and places to walk and think. I feel very lucky that we have this right now.” A choice that is no longer to be disputed!

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