Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift… Their messages engaged to prevent their fans – News Ariana Grande


Now is the time to stay home. It is, in any case, the message sent by some of the artists on the Canvas in order to promote the importance of containment during this period of health crisis. Very close to his community of fans and concerned about the rapid spread of the disease, Taylor Swift did not hesitate to launch an appeal to encourage fans to stay home.

The interpreter of “You Need To Calm Down” was also surprised to see many people gathered: “I see a lot of celebrations that continue to take place, she writes across a story on Instagram. But it is time to cancel your plans, you isolate as much as possible and not assume that because you don’t feel sick, you’re not passing it on to an elderly person or vulnerable. This is an ominous moment, but we need to make sacrifices in social at the moment”.

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