Armie Hammer’s ex-girlfriend claims the actor engraved an “A” on her body

Paige Lorenze, who confirmed a relationship with Hammer earlier this week, has shared her story with DailyMailTV.

Armie Hammer’s problems continue to escalate, as another ex-girlfriend comes forward with claims that she etched the letter “A” on her body.

Paige Lorenze alluded to a relationship with the movie star in a YouTube video earlier this week, and now the 22-year-old model has shared her story with DailyMailTV, revealing that the time she spent with Hammer was like “50 Shades Gray’s real-life without love ”.

Her accusations follow those of another ex, who claimed that Armie had cannibalistic fantasies.

The actor has denied the allegations.

Lorenze says she was often injured after spending time with Hammer, adding: “I had tooth marks and bites all over it. She was completely obsessed with biting me. She told me “feel proud since they just loved bites.”

“He once said, ‘If you didn’t tell me to stop, I’d eat a piece of you.’ And she was serious too. It was like she actually wanted to eat my meat. I wanted to find a doctor in Los Angeles, so I could take out one of my ribs … and then grill it and eat it while I watch. She said that more than once. She was very serious, ”he says.

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