Artists urge Hollywood to participate in the struggle against the “culture of anti-Black”


“The policies have to change, laws should change, the police needs to change, Hollywood needs to change, hearts must change, america must change. The change needs to take place for the black citizens unarmed do not live in fear of being killed. Can you imagine to be of me in the year 2020, and you ask what the future holds for us ? I can’t“he wrote in an open letter to the young black actor About us Lonnie Chavis, a couple of days ago, in resonance with the movement Black Lives Matter.

The adults followed their example, through the association Hollywood4BlackLives founded by actor Kendrick Sampson (Unsafe). It is is at the origin of an open letter that account to this day, the signatures of 300 blacks, among them Zoë Kravitz, Viola DavisIdris Elba or Michael B. Jordan. Addressed to “ our allies in Hollywood“the letter intimate to the film industry to review their position against staff outcome of the black community in order to restore an image that has contributed to lose.

“Hollywood has the privilege, as a creative industry, imagine and create. We have a significant influence on culture and politics. We have the ability to use our influence in order to imagine and create a better world. However, historically and currently, Hollywood encourages the epidemic of police violence and the culture of anti-Black”are the dirty words that open the missive.

Shots stubborn

The signatories of the blame on all of the propensity of studies to promote stories of throwing discredit on the african-american community. “The way that Hollywood and the media have contributed to the criminalization of Black people, to the false representation of the legal system, and the glorification of corruption and violence by the police has led to disastrous consequences in the lives of Black people.”

The artists establish as criminal offences, among other stories transmit images stubborn as the violence as an inherent component of its character. A representation which, according to them, has been very involved to justify the police violence: “We must put an end to the exaltation of the officers and agents of the vicious act outside of the law as a hero. These representations encourage the police as Derek Chauvin, the murderer of George Floyd.”

Considering Hollywood, as in a large part responsible for the oppression of Black people, the artists that participate in this initiative will go even a step further. The demand of the film industry that she is involved with and the participation of any well in the fight against racism.

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To demonstrate that Black Lives Matter in Hollywood to take bold steps to assert, defend, and invest in the lives of Black people“they write in conclusion.

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