at the age of 32, she is richer than the queen of England


Women should use the men to achieve their goals, according to a famous blogger in nigeria.

In a video that has become viral on social networks, the blogger Blessing Okoro opposed to the fact that some women use sex to get your way in life. According to her, women must start to think differently having in mind only one objective, only giving sex to a man.

But rather, to think now of something else that they can offer their men outside, of course, sex. This, in order to achieve their goals to them.

“I’ll say it again, sex is a thing that all the world can offer. Young people of 16, 15, 14 years, the minor may offer sex.

What can you give outside of sex ? Ask yourself this question as a woman. What is this thing that I can give to my man outside of sex ? Many of you do not think, you do think not, you don’t have a subconscious. Find out what you can give to people outside of the sex.

As a woman, men are the scales. A man is the scale that you will use to reach your destination. Some of you will climb with the ladder. Some of you will remain with the scale. Some of you will let the ladder fall on their head. But the wise women have used ladders to climb”.

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