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A year after the release ofAvengers : EndgameChris Evans looks back on the evolution of Captain America and does not wish to resume his character. Attention, ça spoile a little bit of course !

He puts on the costume of the avenger patriot for the first time in 2011, in Captain America : First Avenger, and becomes a figure of the saga Avengers alongside Iron Man, Thor, Hulk or Black Widow that we should be back on the big screen in November 2020. All in all, the actor has appeared in no less than eleven films in the MCU over the last decade, which makes it one of the most prolific of the universe with Robert Downey Jr.

At the end ofEndgameSteve Rogers is an old man. After having said goodbye to Tony Stark, he returns the Stones to Infinity in the right place and decides to return in 1945 to find agent Peggy Carter. Captain-retired presents his shield to the Falcon, and thus enables us to turn the page of the first generation of Avengers. The history of the Cape seems to have found its just fine.

photo, Chris EvansSteve Rogers, on the point of joining the Hospice of Gilles Barbier

Interviewed by the british presenter Graham Norton on the possibility of seeing his character in another episode, Chris Evans is suggesting that he does not wish to play the super-soldier again :

“This is not a non-definitive… but this is not a yes to be very frank no more. I think they have done a very good job in finishing his course as well. It was a beautiful, epic, and we have set the bar so high that it would be risky to go back for me. It was a nice experience and I think it’s better if it ends as well.”

With the actor of Iron Man, so these are two key players of the saga first Avengers who believe that the arch-narrative, their character is finished. Because his contract with the MCU ended with Endgamethere is little chance that Chris Evans once again raises the shield star.

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To comfort you, you can always find the displays of the mini-series Defending Jacob you can find criticism of our drafting here… And if it is the return of the shield that you wait with impatience, it will have to unfortunately wait a little, since the production of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier had to be interrupted because of the outbreak of Covid-19.

Photo Chris EvansWhen the justiciar became attorney…


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