Avengers Infinity War : the actors in The MCU reveal unpublished photographs from the shoot


They are all there, the actors in the MCU ! The actors of the film world of Marvel play well in the photos from the shoot invisible shared on Twitter by Disney+. Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans (who has shared here his first encounter hilarious with Paul Rudd) shelter from the sun beneath an umbrella of colors. Chadwick Bosemanhe, posing in front of an army ready to fight, and Scarlett Johansson is in the mode of warrior. About David Bautista and Karen Gillan, our two representatives of the Guardians of the Galaxy, which share a good time, dressed in their costumes of Drax and Gamora. “The filming of one of the greatest films of all time seemed quite intense, epic, and fun, to be honest“keep in mind that the studies in the legend. It is clear !

In the second part of the photos published by Disney+, we see Mark Ruffalo and Benedict Wong laugh aloud, in a scenario in which the fans recognize at first sight. As for the rest of the photos, we see Elizabeth Olsen to receive the indications of the hand of Joe Russo, co-director, and Chris Hemsworth is about to shoot his famous scene with Stormbreaker in Wakanda. Finally, the last preview of the session, you will not stop moving, as is Robert Downey Jr and Tom Holland, whose characters, Tony Stark and Peter Parker, have lived a privileged relationship within the MCU. As many of the clich├ęs that represent perfectly the cohesion and union of the members of the family of actors from Marvel Studios ! We do regret that all these super-heroes have the possibility of dying in the course ofAvengers 5

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