Away from Queen Elizabeth? Philip of Edinburgh in Old Tomb

In the days after the end of Duke Philip of Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth’s husband, more details are revealed about what will be his tomb, an old tomb of more than 30 years, is where his remains will rest, but there is something else that makes this place even more special.

Undoubtedly, it has represented a major event in the United Kingdom, amid the commotion, some of the details of the funeral of Queen Elizabeth’s “consort”, Philip of Edinburgh which is scheduled to take place on Saturday 17 April.


What makes it special, the last abode of the remembered“former marine officer” is not only that it will be placed in one of the royal loved as of the Chapel of St. George, apparently, it is a chest clad in oak and lead, materials that are usually used by royalty so that moisture does not penetrate the structure and preserve the body for longer.

Apparently, it would be a similar one that would keep the remains of Princess Diana of Wales, which would have great weight.

In addition to this, the pit is particularly special for Duke Philip the remains of “His Highness”, they would rest where their mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg herself who was placed in 1969 and where she remained until 1988, and then is transferred to the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, in the church of St. Mary Magdalene.

Other aspects that have been taken into account will be the restrictions in which Princes William and Harry’s grandfather will be last dismissed, such as the use of masks, the number of people who will attend which has transcended will be only 30 and many closest relatives to the Duke will be exempt from attending.

Similarly, the wreckage will be moved into a convertible hybrid Land Rover, one of the vehicles that Philip of Edinburgh himself designed with the help of the army, this after the renowned Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers (REME) “colonel-in-chief” worked with on two of these vehicles, apparently thinking of a time like this.

Duke Philip of Edinburgh departed at the age of 99 last Friday, April 09, discreetly and wanting to go unnoticed as was his custom, closed his eyes so as not to wake up again as Buckingham Palace reported: Queen Elizabeth’s “consort” transcended in a “very peaceful” way to another plane while he slept, he let the communiqué be entertained.

The controversy that this has undated by the small number of guests amid the restrictions and the arrival of Prince Harry in London reveal where the veteran of Greek origin will eventually rest.

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