Bad girl! Mia Khalifa surprises with a mallet on her hands

Surely more than one of Mia Khalifa’s followers to a young Instagram celebrity will be shocked to see the video where she appears driving a mallet with her hands, while sports a more flirtatious outfit than usual.

A couple of years ago before entering the world of OnlyFans Mia Khalifa had an account where she also shared exclusive content.

It was for this company for which she recorded this video, although it was more for the photoshoot maybe the video was only part of the advertising strategy that was subsequently juiced by throwing it.


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It is more interesting for some, to see Mia Khalifa in a video than in a simple photograph even if it is shocking because you can see her charms moving.

In her video, she appears sporting a tiny outfit consisting of denim shorts, and a top, it was in 2018 that it was posted on her official Instagram account.

With a mallet in her hands, she began to break the glasses of a car while taking pictures of her, for it must have been a pretty hot session to see her charms moving with her busy top covering very little.

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