Bella Thorne comes out in “confused” defense of Armie Hammer

The actress has confused the “fantasies” of cannibalism with real cannibalism.

Actress Bella Thorne has apparently confused reports about Armie Hammer’s alleged cannibalistic sexual fantasies, about actual cannibalism, after speaking out in defense of The Social Network star.

Hammer has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons of late after he was accused of sending questionable direct messages to women on social media, describing bizarre desires for sex, rape, and cannibalism, which were leaked online.

The actor has refused to directly address the content of the alleged messages, calling the scandal “silly,” but forced him to move away from his new film with Jennifer Lopez, Shotgun Wedding, to spend time with his two young children he has with. his ex-wife, Elizabeth Chambers.

On Thursday, Bella took to her Instagram stories to comment on the controversy, although she did not appear to understand all the details of the accusations made against Hammer.

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