Bella Thorne Is Revealed Naturally On Instagram!


On her Instagram account, Bella Thorne appeared sexy naturally and without makeup. A cliché that is likely to make a lot of talk.

On social networks, Bella Thorne decided to once again advocate the natural . She posted several photos and videos in her Instagram Story.

Bella Thorne is a regular at makeup. Remember, since she became known in the series Shake it Up, the young woman has therefore started to make beauty tutorials.

The opportunity for her fans to follow the new videos posted by the actress every day. At the 2015 Golden Globes Awards, she therefore caused a sensation with her homemade make-up.

And this is not the only time that the actress surprises her fans with her makeup. A few weeks ago, the pretty redhead caused a stir with bikini photos.

The ultimate? 100% homemade glitter makeup. Result, millions of Likes in just a few hours!

Bella Thorne Without Makeup
Bella Thorne Without Makeup

Bella Thorne makes makeup-free Instagram sensation

Passionate about make-up, Bella Thorne does not hesitate to post pictures naturally, without any artifice. This is a way for her to advocate naturalness and simplicity.

Moreover, yesterday, his latest stories were more than equivocal. On vacation with her darling, Benjamin Mascolo , she decided to be natural.

Thus, in her latest stories posted on Instagram, she writes: “Barbie, but not in real life, it’s a day without makeup”. The young woman wears a pink outfit that suits her perfectly.

Regularly, the young woman therefore posts natural photos on Instagram. It doesn’t seem like a problem for her fiancé.

In recent weeks, the pretty redhead has therefore found a smile. Deprived of her darling for more than four months, because of confinement, the American actress relishes her reunion.

Of Italian origin, her boyfriend was therefore not allowed to enter American soil. We can therefore understand that the make-up is not the priority of the young woman, therefore.

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