Benjamin Mascolo often accompanies his posts on Instagram with deep and wise words and the last caption is really beautiful.

The artist has recently announced the release of his first solo album and, as you know, it is the first time he has tried his hand at singing after the Benji & Fede experience in which he played the guitar.

In this regard, he explained on the social network how in the past he was afraid of singing and how thanks to love he managed to overcome this fear.

Here is his message: ” Fear of singing, fear of making my voice heard, fear of being myself. I always put the talent of others in front of me as a shield to hide. I was convinced that the ‘beautiful voice’ was a gift, a pact with the devil, a stroke of luck: either you’re born there or you’re screwed. I was wrong . ”

” The truth is that you don’t have to be Amy Winehouse, Freddy Mercury or John Lennon to be an artist – continued the 27-year-old – You can have a broken, tired, dirty voice, you can scream your feelings or whisper them: the important thing is to be honest because lies are felt miles away “.

There is something that made him appreciate her voice and it is love: ” When a person loves you unconditionally for some absurd reason you start loving yourself too. Even your shit voice. So I defeated my biggest fear: I’m no longer afraid to sing “.

Which love? The one with Bella Thorneof course!


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This is demonstrated by the video posted with this caption, in which the singer has inserted several moments together with the 23-year-old, while they hug each other tenderly or laugh happily together.

Benji Mascolo and Bella Thorne fell in love in April 2019 and confirmed it the following June.

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