Beyoncé gets trademark for the name Blue Ivy


Beyoncé has quietly received a legal victory last week to trademark the name of his daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.

According to a report from the Law and Crime, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) has save in the hand of the singer Lemonade after a wedding planner in Massachusetts has tried to block its attempt to secure the rights of intellectual property on behalf of their 8-year-old son.

The wedding planner, Veronica Morales, would be the owner of a company called Blue Ivy Events, which had been founded before the birth of Blue Ivy in 2012. Morales has filed a “note of protest”, claiming that the similarity of the names to create a “likelihood of confusion”. between the two. ”

Since the birth of Blue, Beyoncé and Jay-Z have worked to protect the trademarks of the name of his daughter for everything, including books, shampoos, video games, etc., according to the Law and Crime. Morales has argued that the couple did not have the intention of creating products under these brands, but I wanted to prevent other people from using the name – quoting from an interview that Jay has done in 2013, where it seems to emphasize the need of the brands.

“People wanted to make products based on the name of our son, and I don’t want anyone trying to take advantage of their baby’s name. This was not to us to do anything; as you can see, we have not done anything, ” he told Vanity Fair in 2013.” First of all, it’s a boy, and it pisses me off when there is no [boundaries]. I come from the streets, and even in the shit of the most heinous of what we did, we had replicas: not children, not mothers – there is respect there. But [now] there are no borders. For someone to be able to say: This person has had a child – I’m going to make a fucking stroller with the name of this child. It is, as, where is the humanity? ”

The legal team Bey has countered the claims of Legal persons, indicating that it was unlikely that someone could confuse “a corporate event planning company the wedding boutique and Blue Ivy Carter, the daughter of two of the most famous artists of the world”.

The TTAB is saved on the side of the Boxes, of 6 of July, when calling the block of the Moral of “useless and a waste of time”, stating that “there was no evidence to suggest that they are related in a way that gives rise to the mistaken belief that they emanate from the same source. “The Council has also refused to include the comments of the Vanity Fair magazine of HOV in his decision, which he called “hearsay within hearsay”.

It is not uncommon for the Carcasses, finally, the use of brands to create products, he saw that Blue Ivy has become an award-winning artist as their parents in February for its characteristic of ” Brown Skin Girl “. When this merchandising Blue Ivy is going to fall, we will be prepared to do so.

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