Beyoncé honored with the “humanitarian award” at the BET Awards, his speech committed


Militant and activist recognized, Beyoncé has, naturally, received the “humanitarian award” during the award ceremony of the BET Awards. She recalled the importance of voting and the struggle for their rights in a gripping video.

Sunday 28 June 2020 was held the annual ceremony of the BET Awards. The opportunity to celebrate the achievements of various personalities. So, in the list of prize-winners was Beyoncé on the side of Assa Traoré, who has received the Overall BET of the Good. The singer of 38 years, has won the “humanitarian award” for their commitment through their campaign, “BeyGood” which refers to the help to the most disadvantaged, which raises awareness and that is released to the word. She has had the honor of being presented to and congratulated by Michelle Obama, who has expressed his love and admiration. “You make me so proud and I love you,” he began.

In a video of gratitude for his victory, Beyoncé has spoken and has called on the people to get up and go to vote. “I want to dedicate this award to all my brothers out there, to all my sisters who are inspired to work and fight for the change. Their voices are being heard and to prove to our ancestors that their struggles were not in vain. Now, we have one more thing to do honor to our true power and that is to vote”. It encourages then to act to destroy the system that she describes as “racist and unequal.” “We must vote as if our life depended on it, because this is the case. Be the change you want to see”, he concluded before to thank deeply to his audience.

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“Our voices have the power”

The singer of “Halo” was also shared on Instagram a letter written by her mother, Tina Knowles, proposing a bill of the senators of the country to ensure that every vote in the choice of this period. Remembering the tragedies that have occurred in recent times, is associated with the founding Mothers of the Movement that brings together some of the women whose african-american children have been murdered by the police.

“But even at this moment, when we feel the despair and fatigue, reminds us of an essential truth : our voices have power,” wrote the creator of the fashion of the united states. Beyoncé, Kerry Washington, Michelle Williams and many others who have signed the letter. “This bill would provide funding to ensure the protection of our vote during the election cycle,” said Beyoncé.

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