Beyoncé is going to receive an award for her humanitarian work at the BET Awards 2020! In Reality Beyoncé


On Sunday 28 June will be held the ceremony of delivery of the BET Awards 2020! And the show promises to be memorable. Beyoncé is nominated in several categories, in particular with their daughter, Blue Ivy, but she is already confident of receiving an Award.

The organization of the fair has announced that it is offering an award to Beyoncé for her humanitarian work. The superstar is acclaimed for its numerous initiatives put in place with its founding BeyGOOD.

In recent years, the singer has made it possible to help women that are seeking access to higher education, but also in place of drinking water in east Africa. More recently, the foundation Queen B has developed many of the tests of the COVID-19, in his hometown of Houston, in the united States.

Beyoncé: on all fronts

Beyoncé is a star involved. It has recently been released as a surprise to denounce the police violence and racism in america towards black people. The hit song “Black Parade” has quickly seen incredible success on the web.

The BET Awards also pays homage to Kobe Bryant, and Little Richard.

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