Beyoncé, Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga…: fiery speeches for a graduation ceremony very engaged (video)


Around the world, the graduation ceremonies had to be cancelled. In the United States, and on YouTube, an audience of celebrities was held to celebrate the academic success of students.

Graduation 2.0. for many american students. But they do bouderont not their pleasure as they received the good wishes of celebrities world famous. On 6 June, celebrities like Beyoncé, or Michelle Obama gathered around the event, “Dear Class of 2020” to congratulate the young graduates.

Of course, in this troubled period in the United States, the messages of the stars have been able to spend in addition to the manifestations of racism that take place in the United States following the death of George Floyd, was asphyxiated during a police control : in addition to-Atlantic, the racism and the brutality are fought these days.

“The real change started with you ”

Beyoncé has used strong words in addressing the students, just like Lady Gaga or Michelle Obama elsewhere. As we know, the singer takes to heart the movement “Black Lives Matter” :” You have arrived here in the midst of a global crisis, a pandemic of racial hatred and the expression of the global outrage at the murder senseless to another human being black, non-armed. And you have still managed. We are so proud of you “.

She continued, addressing the young :” Thank you for using your collective voice to let the world know that the lives of Black people, is important. The real change started with you, this new generation of graduates of the school and the university that we celebrate today “. She did not forget to denounce the sexism too present in today’s society :

As a woman, I do not see enough role models of success of women who have the opportunity to do what I had to do “.

The message of the american artist has set fire to the social networks. And we must admit that Beyoncé has forgotten person in a speech that borders on perfection of the genre. The people left on the margins of society, she has launched :” Your homosexuality is beautiful, your darkness is beautiful, your compassion, your understanding. Your fight for people who may be different from you is beautiful “. In addition to Beyoncé, other celebs participated in the celebration : the Simpsons, Michelle Obama, but also Katy Perry or Lady Gaga.


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