Black Widow: Natasha can be seen with a new look in the next film of MCU Phase 4.


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Fans of Black Widow waiting a long time for a stand-alone movie for the character. Finally, after all these years, the wish has been granted. Here’s everything you need to know about the film.
The character of Black Widow, played by Scarlett Johansson, had to say goodbye in the movie Avengers: Endgame. But, our beloved Natasha Romanoffs will again be seen in all its glory. The movie Black Widow will be part of the much anticipated phase 4 of Marvel.
Release Date of Black Widow and trailer
Due to the pandemic of sars coronavirus, Disney has had to postpone for many movies, including Black Widow. According to the latest announcement, the film will be released on 6 November 2020.
Earlier, it was to be released on the 1st of may. But, as the main chains of the theatre have been closed indefinitely in march, the release was delayed.
The team has been mum about all the details, which is usual for any new Marvel movie. But, the trailer and some promotional images have given us clues. The film surely looks larger than life and interesting. Take a look at the trailer for the final Black Widow below.

Field of the black widow
From all the teasers, trailers and clips promotional, we can make guesses on the plot as possible to the film.
The film will be full of action scenes. In addition, the main objective of Natasha has been revealed in the trailer. Its main objective will be to cope with the past darker, his great book at the moment where a conspiracy past hazardous will arise.
In addition, she will have to face his past as a spy, and his relationships are broken before becoming an Avenger. The latest trailer suggests that these “relationships” actually refer to his family.
The new look
According to a photo published by Marvel, Natasha will be seen in a new white suit. The design and the concept art looks cool and fabulous.
All other images and drawings that have surfaced that look very interesting. Therefore, we can expect that Black Widow way better than ever in the next movie!

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The black widow, Scarlett Johansson, will again be seen in character for the eighth time. Nobody can better play this role than Johnson!
In addition, Florence Pugh will play with Yelena Belova, the classmate of Natasha, in the Red Room. Pugh was very appreciated for her role in Lady Macbeth.
In addition, David Harbour, that has been seen for the last time as Chief Hopper in Stranger Things, will appear as Red Guardian. Rachel Weisz will play Melina Vostokoff (Iron Maiden).


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