As we know Black Widow, the first chapter of Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will be set after the events of Captain America: Civil War, with Natasha being hunted by the United States government for backing up the team of Steve Rogers during the battle of Leipzig.

Now Marvel Comics has released a prologue comic for the film in which we are revealed what happened to the Widow immediately after the clash between the two Avengers factions.

As you will remember, in fact, initially Natasha had joined the Sokovia Agreements and consequently played a key role in helping Tony Stark track down Captain America at an airport in Germany, but in the end, he played the double game and allowed Steve to escape together with Bucky, the Winter Soldier.

In the comic in question, General Thunderbolt Ross is shown who cannot find men to whom he can entrust the mission of hunting Natasha since many people in the highest spheres of government feel indebted to the Widow; A key role in this is played by Councilor Hawley, a member of the World Security Council who has been in charge of supervising the activities of the SHIELD for yearsIn Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Hawkley had been invited to participate in the launch of Project Insight, unaware that it was a secret operation by the terrorist organization known as Hydra. Fortunately for her, she was approached by the Black Widow, who as you will remember during the Russo brothers’ film replaced her with a holographic disguise and infiltrated the Triskelion.

The comic suggests that Hawley deliberately (and secretly) hindered Ross’ efforts to capture Natasha. The intimate adviser to the general: ” Do you want to capture this woman? The woman who saved our lives? The other members of the Council and I … we would all have died if it hadn’t been for her. “

From what we saw in the new Black Widow trailer, however, Ross managed to assert his authority, and during the film, it is reasonable to expect that the Widow will have many problems due to the US government. To find out more, however, we will have to wait for April 29th.

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