Blake Shelton focused on losing weight for his wedding

The singer wants to look “spectacular” at his religious wedding with singer Gwen Stefani.

Singer-songwriter Blake Shelton has been working around the clock to lose around 10 pounds (4.5 kgs) before his wedding to Gwen Stefani.

The singer spoke about all of this during his interview with Apple Music Country’s Part Barn Radio.

There he expressed his desire to walk up the aisle with Gwen Stefani in style and was quoted as saying, “I feel like if I say 10, I have to. So 10. It’s out there now, I can’t stop doing it. “

He even joked: “I have readjusted all the mirrors in the house. So they look like you when you’re taking a selfie from above because you can’t even stand up and look at me in the mirror. I have rearranged them or are they leaning down a bit, looking at me. So I’m looking up and it’s not that bad. “

“Nothing is more fun than being in the room when a star is born. I mean, you have to go through hundreds of people to find that star. “

“It’s like when Gabby Barrett got into American Idol, she didn’t win American Idol, but even I said there was something magical about it… I know you’ve seen those things too, and that’s what brings your back.”

Shelton and Stefani, the latter who achieved the annulment of her ecclesiastical marriage to Gavin Rosedale, plan their Catholic wedding in the spring of 2021, in the chapel that Shelton built within their ranch. They only plan to invite family members and a handful of close friends.

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