Brad Pitt: Amy Adams very uncomfortable when they meet!

Amy Adams remembers being embarrassed when she first met actor Brad Pitt! We’ll tell you everything.

Amy Adams was very uncomfortable when she first met actor Brad Pitt!

You never know how you would react if one day you came across your favorite star or had the opportunity to meet her. Besides, fans of actor Brad Pitt can’t even imagine ever having the chance to be in the same room as him!

But you should know that even when stars meet each other, they are not necessarily very comfortable. Indeed, some actors can very be impressed by meeting an icon of the domain!

Proof once again that on the planet people, they are quite human! Besides, you should know that Brad Pitt is a real entity in Hollywood.

Indeed the actor has a great career to his credit. His filmography seems endless. Thus, he has worked with many other movie stars.

But he is not alone in Hollywood. Indeed, other celebrities have careers just as impressive as him.

We think, for example, of the pretty actress Amy Adams! Indeed, the latter has nothing to envy the handsome actor. She, too, has a great career under her belt.

Even if it must be admitted that the actor enjoys greater notoriety. Which is not often justified. Besides, the young woman seemed a little embarrassed the first time she met the actor! We’re telling you more.


On the set of Jimmy Kimmel, the young actress confided in her very first meeting with actor Brad Pitt! It was indeed in 2018, on the set of the film Vice.

Fans know that the beautiful actor was on the film’s production team. Besides the producer was not on the set every day.

But the days he came, it was the best days for the actors and the rest of the team! So, the day Amy Adams met the actor, the young woman was not at her best.

Indeed, the young woman had just returned from a doctor’s appointment. It turned out that the young actress had conjunctivitis. So she had to keep her distance from the rest of the actors.

Amy Adams learned that Brad Pitt was on set that day. The pretty actress was very embarrassed since she was not at her best!

Plus she was wearing a 70-year-old lady’s clothes, and conjunctivitis didn’t help her case! The actor was very kind to her.

She then recalls that he told her that he was happy to see her and approached to give her a hug. But because of his conjunctivitis, the young woman had to push him away.

“At that point, I became the first woman in history to refuse a hug from Brad Pitt,” she says. A moment she will never forget!

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