Brad Pitt: His daughter Shiloh has given up her last name?

The daughter of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Shiloh, reportedly dropped her father’s surname on social media … Shock!

New buzz on the web for Brad Pitt! His daughter Shiloh would have abandoned her surname on social media and would still be cold against her father?

New rumors are circulating on the web about Brad Pitt! And when it’s not about her romantic relationships or her divorce from Angelina Jolie, it’s about her children…

The latest rumor? His daughter Shiloh, drop her father’s surname: Pitt on social media!

Indeed, according to our colleagues at New Idea, Shiloh’s decision is to simply use Jolie on social networks! Is it to hurt his father? Let’s not forget because Brad Pitt is still fighting for custody of his children…

“It’s a real kick in the teeth. It must hurt, that’s for sure!” said the source close to the family. But did Shiloh really drop Brad Pitt’s last name?

Because the news contradicts itself! The tabloid claimed that Shiloh no longer used Pitt as his name on social media! But in reality, the teenager has no known social media account

So it’s very likely that the tabloid is just making up this story. Don’t you think so?


For some time now, a lot has been said about sister Shilo and her relationship with her parents! And for good reason…

Last month, Woman’s Day claimed that Shiloh refused to go out with her mother while she was fighting for custody. His dubious claims were made after Shiloh went to Target with Jolie and her sister, Zahara!

“Target is online. There was no need to do these errands and it was obvious to her that her mother wanted to be photographed. Shiloh is worried about how her father will feel when she goes out with Angel, do something she really hates to do!” said a source.

But that’s not all! According to rumors, Shiloh is actually closer to Brad Pitt than to Angelia Jolie!

In November, Star also claimed that Brad Pitt speaks regularly to his daughter. “Shiloh calls her all the time to get help with her homework, to ask her which books to read or which movies to watch, and he has interested her in history, painting, and even sculpture. And the twins tell him about their interests – Viv loves karate and Knox is really into robotics,” the tabloid said.

However, there is no evidence that all the tabloid claims about Shiloh, Angelina Jolie, and Brad Pitt are correct… Case to follow then!

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