Brad Pitt: His mother was hoping for a wedding with Jennifer Aniston?

Does Brad Pitt’s mother hope to see him married to his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston? We’ll give you more details!

Did actor Brad Pitt’s mother hope to see him married to Jennifer Aniston?

They formed a mythical couple from the 90s. Jennifer Aniston and actor Brad Pitt were in fact spinning the perfect love.

On July 29, 2000, the two lovers said Yes. The actor and the star of Friends then unite in a lavish ceremony.

But their romance will end when the pretty Angelina Jolie has set her sights on the handsome actor. The two actors eventually divorced in 2005.

The beautiful actor will find love in the arms of the pretty brunette. Very quickly they married and founded a family of 6 children in total.

But after a few more years, Brad Pitt goes back through the divorce box. Yes, I did. Four years ago, Angelina Jolie and the actors split up.

Even today, the couple is still fighting for custody of their 6 children, and their divorce is still not finalized. Yes, I did.

Besides, the beautiful actor and Jennifer Aniston have kept a very good relationship. So, after his divorce from the beautiful Angelina Jolie, the fans only dreamed of one thing: to see him again with his ex-wife.

And the wildest rumors soon come to light! For example, some tabloids claim that the two ex-husbands are again very close.

Better yet, a second marriage may even be on the agenda. But what about really? We’ll give you more details!


For example, in February 2020, National Enquirer magazine reported that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were planning their wedding. Sources have reportedly confirmed to the media that Jennifer Aniston’s relatives “were in heaven”.

They even claim that Courtney Cox very close to the actress was convinced that they would end up together. Indeed, she thinks that the two actors are true soul mates.

The media goes even further. Indeed, he says that Brad Pitt’s mother herself was very happy to see her son again with Jennifer Aniston.

According to the same source, “she loved Jennifer and hated Angie.” So they were all waiting to see the beautiful actor and Jennifer Aniston reunited.

But all these rumors remain totally unfounded! Indeed, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are just friends. Nothing more.

Gossip Cop magazine says the actor’s mother doesn’t want to see him with his ex-wife again. Also, National Enquirer does not seem to be a reliable enough source.

So what we have to remember about this whole thing is that 15 years after their divorce the handsome 57-year-old and Jennifer Aniston are not about to get back together. Case closed!

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