Brad Pitt is “embracing old age” and “loving life” as he turns 57

The actor has just had his birthday and hopes to celebrate it surrounded by his children in a discreet evening.

Brad Pitt just turned 57 and the actor will have a small celebration with his children by his side in a low-key celebration.

According to a HollywoodLife report, when Brad turns 57, he has special plans to celebrate with his children in a warm and intimate way.

A source gave the details and said: “Brad is very discreet when it comes to his birthday.”

“He really doesn’t care much about it. He’s in the middle of his work on Bullet Train, so he’s very preoccupied with all the work, but of course, he’s going to celebrate at some point with his kids because they love it, “they said.

The little ones are still at the age where they love to make cards, cake, and birthday candles, ”revealed the source.

“But really the only thing Brad wants for his birthday is the homemade cards his kids make and time with them, that’s what he treasures the most. Otherwise, I would prefer not to celebrate her birthday, “said the source.

Another source told the portal: “Birthdays around Christmas have always been interesting for Brad and especially this year is very different from any previous year. The main takeaway is that he can’t believe he’s approaching 60 ”.

“He is accepting growing old and loving life. And he’s going to take today and this weekend to talk to those he loves. He’s not having a party and he’s not expecting presents, ”said the source.

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