Brad Pitt: Shiloh cold with Angelina Jolie because of divorce?

Would Brad Pitt’s daughter Shiloh refuse to see Angelina Jolie because of their ongoing divorce? We’ll give you more details.

Is Brad Pitt’sdaughter Shiloh cold with Angelina Jolie because of the divorce? MCE TV gives you more details.

They were one of the most glamorous couples in Hollywood. Since their divorce was announced in 2016, no couple has been able to replace them on the red carpet. Not even Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

The two lovers meet on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The pretty actress would have set her sights on the handsome actor. We all know what’s next.

Brad Pitt divorced Jennifer Aniston to get into a relationship with Angelina Jolie sometime later. Things go very fast between the two lovers.

The young woman mother of a little Maddox since 2002, adopts a little girl, Zahara. Moreover, the actor will legally recognize them in 2006. In the aftermath, Brad Pitt announces that Angelina Jolie is pregnant with Shiloh.

The young actress gave birth to their twins, Knox and Vivienne, in 2008. In total, the two lovers will have 6 children together!

But their idyll that will have made thousands of fans dream has turned into a nightmare. On September 20, 2016, the pretty brunette decides to start divorce proceedings.

She then hired Laura Wasser. The same lawyer Kim Kardashian allegedly appealed to for her divorce from Kanye West.

Four years later, the couple has still not finalized their divorce. Indeed, they still fight for the custody of their little tribe. According to the latest rumors, some have already chosen their side.


According to Woman’s Day magazine, Shiloh chose her father’s camp. According to media reports, the 14-year-old prefers to spend time with Brad Pitt.

Recently, Angelina Jolie and Zahara were seen shopping at Target. Shiloh reportedly refused to participate.

According to the same source, this release to Target was scheduled by Angelina Jolie. Indeed she would have orchestrated everything to be seen and photographed with her daughter in the store.

So Shiloh wouldn’t have wanted to go there for the simple reason that she didn’t want to be seen with Angelina Jolie. The source said the teenager would have taken into account what her father might think if she saw the paparazzi photos.

“The poor child is under pressure. She attracts more attention than the other 5 children. confides the same source. According to the latter, Shiloh would like her parents to reach an agreement quickly so that all this stops.

On the other hand, the media says it’s a surprise to anyone to see Shiloh take her father’s side. Indeed, it seems that the little girl has always been Brad Pitt’s favorite.

Finally, the tabloid states that Angelina Jolie is the loneliest celebrity in Hollywood. Thus, the young mother would have only her children.

Information to take with huge tweezers. Moreover, other paparazzi photos show the girl with her mother. Case to follow.

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