Brad Pitt speaks out about his role in Ad Astra !


Headlining the film “Ad Astra” released in 2018, Brad Pitt reflects on his role. He has encountered a lot of difficulties to play it.

To interpret the anti-hero is solitary and moving in the film ” Ad Astra “, Brad Pitt had worked really hard. This was not obvious ! ERM you explained everything in detail.

Have you seen “Ad Astra “ ? This masterful film of science fiction brings to the stage Roy McBride, played by Brad Pitt, the best agency astronaut Space.com.

And for good reason, his father Clifford McBride (Tommy Lee Jones), space explorer, was just as much as him. But that was before thatit disappears in a scientific basis.

While the army still believes that is living, the comedian 56-year-old has only one mission : find the one who has put in the world. And as soon as possible !

Thus, the ex-husband of Angelina Jolie endorses the role of an anti-hero very lonelywith a sensitivity that I didn’t know him. His acting is breathtaking !

Elsewhere, Brad Pitt delivers a great interpretation that we had not seen for a long time on the big screen. And yet, embody the role of Roy McBride has been very difficult.

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Brad Pitt compares himself to Peter Pan

The film “Ad Astra” questions the fragility of a man. Besides, where was the difficulty of Brad Pitt for his role.

Thus, the actor of 56 years of age grows the confidence. ” With James (editor’s note : James Gray, the director) we have a great deal of discussion on the authorship and on masculinity. “

But also “on what it means to be a man, not being able to show vulnerable, to deny his suffering “. Yes, a man always wants to will show himself strong and powerful.

However, this trait of character and emotionalthough complicated to play, have convinced Brad Pitt to take the role of Roy McBride.

Moreover, the actor acknowledges that he has been very excited at the idea of becoming an astronaut. ” It feels a bit like Peter Pan, ( … ), to feign the absence of gravity, while remaining in the emotion. “