Brad Pitt very badly that his children are involved in his divorce?

Brad Pitt would still be as angry as ever with his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie. He accuses her of involving their children in their divorce.

As part of the divorce between actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, their children were involved in their legal battle. Their eldest son even testified against him!

It’s a story that never ends! Since their separation in September 2016, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been fighting a legal battle. Indeed, the two actors ended eleven years of love.

So this separation sounded like a thunderbolt in Hollywood. And for good reason, the couple keeps tearing each other apart in the public square. This, without ever making light of the real reasons for its breakup.

One thing is for sure, the actress and producer are demanding custody of her children. But Roy McBride’s interpreter in the film Ad Astra refuses to let them.

So, willing to do anything to get what she wants, Brad Pitt’s ex-wife has accused him of domestic violence. So the judge has already interviewed his eldest son, Maddox, to find out more.

A testimony that would have really finished off the comedian, devastated. And for good reason, the father and son have had a complicated relationship for the past few months.

However, Brad Pitt would have preferred his children and Maddox to stay out of this legal war. Especially since the star of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood denies the facts alleged against him!


Indeed, Brad Pitt is said to have persisted and signed: “He strongly denies his assertions. And he says she uses it as a strategy to keep him from seeing the children. »

In any case, that is what a source told our colleagues at Star. But it must be believed that Angelina Jolie’s ex is not the only one to go through the situation badly. His eldest son, Maddox, would be at his worst!

“In fact, he hates all divorce and custody and can’t wait for it to be over. We don’t know the details of what he said exactly about his father, but the consensus was that it wasn’t flattering,” an insider told In Touch Weekly.

Then he added: “He doesn’t completely hate Brad Pitt. But he told the truth in the deposition he gave. He is happy that his father has helped and is sober now. »

« Maddox is very protective of his mother; It’s his mom’s boy. Not in a spoiled way, but he is the oldest and understands Angie better than anyone. »

So what’s the justice system going to decide? At the moment, Brad Pitt doesn’t seem to have an advantage in child care. But in Hollywood, we’re never immune to a twist!

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